GINA X is a data acquisition and evaluation software for chromatography, specialized for radio-chromatography and easy control of your liquid or gas chromatography. GINA X is the heart of the QC laboratory control. It is able to control the radio-HPLC, all our radio detectors, our TLC systems and the GC.

GINA X has an intuitive graphical user interface with the highest standards and features, enabling you to be compliant to cGMP and 21 CFR part 11 regulations.

GINA X is developed under good automated manufacturing practice (GAMP 5) and designed for GMP. Specific calculation features for radio signals such as decay correction (half-life time correction), quench correction or background subtraction make the difference compared to standard chromatography software.

GINA X is also easier to take in hand. The software can record several chromatographic traces that can be manually or automatically integrated and processed. The standard peak information can be depicted in the report (symmetry, resolution, width, area %…) as well as the analytical conditions. The software manages calibration curve, report generation, data export , method creation, injection sequence…

GINA X is the latest evolution of our GINA Star software. It has a completely new structure and design. The novel design has been optimized in terms of intuitivity and ergonomy (touch screens compliant, readability...).
GINA X covers the digital data acquisition, instrument control and evaluation of the data. An audit trail and a user access control with defined security levels meets all demands for data security. Filters and search tools implemented in the audit trail allow immediate system traceability and identification of “who, when, why, how” ?
The processed data, the raw data and the analysis-specific setup information are stored in a secured data base to increase the data protection. Special algorithm based on check sums and name tags allow to link data sets, measurement and instruments and prevent any data manipulation.
GINA X is a universal solution for many reputed chromatography systems, it controls especially recent Agilent and Shimadzu HPLC and GC systems.
The portfolio of controlled instruments increases constantly, and the list of validated instruments is available on our web page.
You can simply upgrade your GINA Star to GINA X as older GINA data sets can still be used for evaluations.
GINA X is a modular software with optional software modules for specific features or instruments. The standard perpetual licence contains the evaluation module and can simply be upgraded by all other modules.

Evaluation module

The standard evaluation module is used to evaluate older GINA Star data sets or to evaluate data sets generated with instruments controlled by GINA X. It allows you to use and work with GINA measurement files without the need of a connected ELYSIA-RAYTEST detector. It has all the features needed for the evaluation of normal radio signals from a GC or a radio-HPLC. It provides a large band of features such as automatic peak detection, half life time correction, background subtraction and automatic report generation.

Radio detector control module

This extension is needed to use GINA X to control one of the Elysia-Raytest radio flow detectors (GABI Star, GABI Nova, RAMONA, POMO…). It allows to control the detectors, to get a full digital signal transfer and acquisition as well as the possibility to get access to advanced instrument settings.

LC control module

We propose LC control modules for different HPLC brands such as Agilent or Shimadzu. Each LC module gives you control of nearly the entire LC range of a specific brand including pump, autosampler, column oven, detector (UV, RID, DAD…) and fraction collector control.

GC control module

We propose GC control modules for different GC brands such as Agilent or Shimadzu. Each GC module gives you the control of nearly the entire GC range of a specific brand including liquid injector, head-space and GC.

Diode Array module

This module is needed for the data acquisition from a Diode Array detector. It allows to show the complete data set from the DAD measurement in a 3D Graph. Simply move your mouse over the 3D spectrum to find the regions of interest.

GMP module

The GMP module will give you access to the full audit trail and the search functions. Beside the audit trail it will also give you access to the full user management. Simply create different users with different user levels and decide about the rights of each user level.

MCA - gamma spectroscopy module

This module is needed to control our multi-channel Analyser (MUCHA). This modules allows to control the system settings, the data acquisition and the evaluation of the spectrum.

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