Other instruments

In a quality control lab, some other small equipment and tools may be needed to execute all tests according to the local regulation.
As a turn key solution provider Elysia-raytest is providing a complete range of additional instruments. If one of the instruments you may need is not appearing in our catalogue, please feel free to contact us and we will either provide you the needed item or help you to find it.

Decade Elite

For the QC of FDG we strongly suggest the use of an electrochemical detector. Our detector is very sensitive, UHPLC & HPLC compatible, has temperature stabilized cell/column compartment, advanced digital filters and a wide section of flo...

Easy pH

A simple and intuitive pH measurement device allowing the digital transfer of the measurement.


MANUAL LIQUID SCINTILLATION COUNTER MALISA Star is a manual liquid scintillation counter specially designed for α and β- radioactivity detection in a liquid scintillator. MALISA Star is equipped with dead time correction which enables ve...


Our Pet-melt is an ideal solution for the basic melting point testing. It is programmable and features a microprocessor-based control of oven temperature. The low volume 2mm diameter capillary tubes are ideal for radio-pharmaceutical app...

Steritest Symbio Pump

Sterility testing is one of the most crucial steps in pharmaceutical product release. False positives, false negatives, equipment failure and human error can cost you time, money and ultimately your product. The transfer pump is a softwa...

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