Chromatography Software

We are proposing two different chromatography software packages GINA X and Clarity. Our goal is to deliver the best solution to our customers. Depending on the application, the needed functionalities and the HPLC system you want to use we can advise the best software package to our customers.

Both software solutions are built for GMP labs, with mutli language features, user access and digital signal transfer.


The Clarity chromatography software is a universal solution for nearly any commercially available chromatograph, it controls a very large range of HPLC and GC brands.Clarity covers data acquisition, evaluation and instrument control and ...


GINA X is a data acquisition and evaluation software for chromatography, specialized for radio-chromatography and easy control of your liquid or gas chromatography. GINA X is the heart of the QC laboratory control. It is able to control ...

GINA X CDS - Centralized Data Solution

GINA X is a data acquisition and evaluation software for different analytical instruments used during quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Simply collect all data from typical Quality Control steps like radiochemical purity, residual...

SARA - Smart Automatic Report Analysis

SARA is a central data recording and reporting system for all quality control data for production batches. Authorities require complete documentation of radio-pharmaceutical production, covering raw materials, production process, quality...

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