Radio-chromatography faces a lot of challenges. Depending on the application and the isotope, the request to sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution as well as radioprotection may be very different.

Elysia-raytest proposes different combinations of radio detectors for PET and SPECT with dedicated HPLC combinations.

We have worked out special system combinations and modifications in order to deliver high performance solutions for dedicated applications. 

We propose ready-to-use solutions for the Quality control of different radio pharmaceutics such as 18F-FDG, 68Galium, 18F-choline, etc.

Each of these solutions can be delivered with a methodology, training, IQ/OQ and PQ.

Our solutions are mainly based on Shimadzu or Agilent HPLC systems and we can deliver a complete line of detectors such as UV, Refractive Index Detector (RID), Pulse Amperometric Detector (PAD) and Diode Array Detector (DAD).

Elysia-Raytest devices can be connected to any existing HPLC system, either using digital data transfer or an analogue-to-digital converter. Nearly every complete radio-HPLC system can be controlled using one of our software platform.

In addition, we deliver different HPLC pumps covering a broad range - from simple isocratic pumps up to quaternary µPLC pumps.


Radio-chromatography faces a range of challenges. Depending on the application, the isotope, the required sensitivity, dynamic range, resolution and radioprotection requirements may be very different.Elysia-raytest provides different com...

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