We offer different radio TLC scanners for PET and SPECT measurements. We have dedicated solutions for Gamma and for Beta detection or solutions which can be used for both types of activities.

All of our radio-TLC Systems have GMP/GLP compliant acquisition software and USB control. Our radio-TLC systems are autonomous and the costs of operation are minimal as no source of gas is required.


GITA* is a scanning device, which moves the radioactivity detector along 1 trace from start to finish and goes to the next pre-programmed trace position and scans that trace with individual nuclide settings. For ɣ-nuclides, GITA* uses a ...


MARITA Star – the single trace radioactivity thin-layer-chromatography detector – applies a linear analyser detector, which is sensitive over the entire chromatogram trace from start to finish, in other words an entire TLC lane is imaged...

miniGITA Single

The miniGITA Single is the new version of the well know miniGITA Star. It is a versatile state-of-the-art radio TLC system. The new motor technology reduces considerably the running noise. A complete range of detector probes allow the me...

miniGITA Dual

The miniGITA Dual is a significant enhancement of our well-known miniGITA TLC instrument. Testing radiochemical purity with thin layer chromatography and the execution of basic gamma spectrometry are routine for most nuclear medicine lab...


RITA Star - the thin layer chromatography radioactivity detector - uses a linear analyzer detector, which is sensitive over the entire trace of the chromatogram from start to finish. The input window can be opened for H-3 and alpha appli...

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