Company Profile

Elysia-Raytest GmbH develops and manufactures instruments and solutions for the life sciences market in Straubenhardt, Germany.

Raytest was founded in 1980 and joined the Elysia group in 2015. The core products were detectors of radioactivity for a variety of applications. From metabolism research in pharmaceutical and agrochemical research to nuclear medicine and PET, Elysia-raytest supplies state-of-the-art devices and integral GMP solutions.

Today, Elysia-raytest is a competent and reliable partner for the global community in nuclear medicine and PET. The reputation of Elysia-raytest is based on the supply of high-quality hardware and services for quality control (QC) laboratories and PET tracer production synthesizers.

For the development of new products, Elysia-raytest has an in-house team of experienced physicists, biologists, engineers and technicians. Development is orientated towards the customer's needs . The successful development of new instruments, in cooperation with the customer, has a long tradition in our company.

All Elysia-raytest products are manufactured in Germany and Belgium.

ISO 9001

Elysia-raytest GmbH achieved ISO 9001 certification which is the highest quality system of the global ISO 9000 series of quality assurance standards. It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

With ISO 9001 certification, Elysia-raytest established a definitive quality process that ensures reliability and consistency from the initial idea up to the release of innovative new products, furthering the company's position within the international scientific community.