Osmometers are used in the quality control of injectable radiopharmaceutics to determine total osmolality

Our Osmometer determines the osmolality by measuring the freezing point depression of the liquid sample.

The Osmolality describes the concentration of osmotic effective particles in the sample solutions. This is independent from type, composition or electrical charge of the solution, because it refers to the mass of the solution.

The system provides simple handling with a short measuring time.

The system can be easily calibrated with commercially available certified standard. (2 or 3 points calibration)


150 μl (option for 50 µl sample available) of an aqueous solution is super cooled below the melting point. The stirring needle (vibrator) automatically initiates crystallization. The crystallization warmth causes a temperature rise to the melting point (below 0°C). The temperature difference to 0°C measured is proportional to the number of free particles in the solution. The measurement value in mOsmol is shown in the display and can be registered by dedicated software on a PC or a LIMS.

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