The GABI Nova is a versatile state-of-the-art radio flow monitor optimally suited for radio flow measurements in nuclear medicine, SPECT or PET laboratories.

A large range of detector probes and flow cells allow the system to be applied to all types of activities and isotopes. The correct combination ensures the highest detection capability with the best signal to noise ratio for each application.

To ensure broad versatility, full integration into your radio-HPLC system and to gain lab space, we propose 3 different housings. The general housing is built to carry the entire lead castle and is placed directly under the lead shielding.

Two other housings have been designed to incorporate the GABI directly into the Agilent or the Shimadzu HPLC towers.

To obtain the best possible performance for all type of activities and isotopes, it is mandatory to adjust the combination of detector technology, scintillator, cell volume and shielding to your application.

With the GABI Nova we introduce the Elysia communication protocol, a complete new communication protocol. Simply change the detector/probe and the system will recognize the type and the serial number of your detector. This will give you a perfect documentation of your setup and enhance your GXP tools.

Direct control with one of our software solutions ensures a digital signal transfer and a complete integrated solution according to GMP/GLP standards.

GABI Nova can be controlled by our Gina software as well as by the Clarity software. Both evaluation software gives full control of the GABI, the digital transfer and data storage as well as the possibility to control the entire HPLC.

The GABI Nova can also be added as a standalone system to existing radio-HPLC systems in combination with software packages from other suppliers.

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