About US

The fusion of Elysia and Raytest in October 2015 resulted from strong mutual synergies and allowed us to bundle the strength of both companies.

The new Elysia-Raytest relies on the long development and production experience from Raytest. The complete production and service team is based in Germany and guarantees the “Made in Germany” quality and experience in this scientific field.

Elysia-Raytest has identified the need to improve the user-friendliness and efficient workflow in Quality Control laboratories for Nuclear Medicine and radio-pharmaceutical producers, and meets these needs through the development of new detection technology and intuitively designed LIMS systems.

Elysia's Hot-lab and the Demonstration Laboratory in Liège (Belgium) allow faster and more efficient quality  product development. In addition to software and hardware solutions, Elysia also proposes a large range of services including training and method development.

By presenting the QC-CUBICLE turnkey QC-system to the market in 2015, Elysia-raytest reached an important milestone in becoming a leading integrated solution provider.